What We Do

The Company

Azimuth Custom Extrusions, LLC manufactures custom extruded sheet products for a variety of markets and offers responsive customer service and unique flexibility not often available through other suppliers. Since 2001, Azimuth has developed its reputation as a high quality supplier of sheet utilizing ABS, Acrylic Capped ABS, High Impact Styrene, and certain specialty engineered resins.

Plant facilities include a modern 90,000 square foot building located in Evansville, Indiana. Azimuth is a fully capable, custom-sheet manufacturer employing a dedicated workforce, which is committed to quality and service to the customer. State of the art production and metrology equipment enhance Azimuth's ability to meet customer requirements.

Our Products

We currently produce medium to heavy gage sheet in a variety of widths, lengths, custom colors, and finishes. The primary plastic resins converted are ABS, HIPS, FR ABS, FR HIPS, PPO, Weatherable Acrylics, and High Impact Acrylic (PMMA).

Manufacturing Process

Converting plastic resins into rigid sheet occurs through an extrusion process. Under heat and pressure, plastic pellets are turned into a fluid that passes through a die, and is then extruded into a flat sheet. Downstream, a series of rolls cools and finishes the sheet's surface before it is sheared to length and packaged. Read more about our capabilities.

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